DV Awards

Call for entries!

We are now accepting entries for our
Fall 2016 competition.

The DV Awards is a new and exciting international competition celebrating outstanding creative and technical achievements in the emerging world of digital video production. From independent films, commercials, corporate communications and industrial videos to 3D animation, special effects and event videos, dozens of categories will be recognized.

With the advent and increasing affordability of digital video, a rising number of outstanding productions are not being produced in multimillion dollar film and television studios, but in small desktop studios, manned by a few determined and creative individuals. The DV awards were created to honor these individuals and their accomplishments.

3 Great Reasons to Enter

DV Award sculpture

Outstanding PR

Winners often order duplicate trophies to give to their clients or simply enter on behalf of their clients. Not only does winning promote new business, it promotes outstanding relations with the client for whom you won the award. Thrilled with winning, they often are eager to launch their next award-winning production. Plus winning a DV award is an excellent way to get publicity in newspapers and trade magazines.

Director chair

Peer recognition

Winning is an excellent way to have your work graded against others in the industry. Receiving this recognition from a distinguished panel of judges, is an honor that shows your peers that you are among the best in your field.

Movie camera

Career Builder

Successful careers are often built upon the continual recognition from industry professionals and organizations. Show employers, colleagues and clients you’ve received these honors for your distinguished creative and technical achievements ranked among the best in the industry.